​Winter school

​We are accepting new students for 2020 now!

​2020年 4月新入生 無料体験レッスン受付中!




Programs レッスン紹介               
Toddler Class トドラークラス
(1.5 years ~ 3 years)


Students from ages 1.5-3 years old study in a Montessori environment carefully designed for their learning needs. In this setting students learn how to become independent and more confident in the classroom. Students learn English through free conversations with friends and are exposed to music and dance during circle time. Students develop a natural sense of wonder curiosity through self-learning under the guidance of experienced and well trained Montessori teachers.


Preschool Class  プリスクール
(3 years~6 years)


There are four main areas in the pre-school program: Practical Life, Sensorial, Language and Mathematics. Considerable emphasis is also placed on Creative Arts, Music, Science, Geography and Cultural Studies.The materials help children build sense of order, concentration, coordination, and independence. 




3歳から6歳児のクラスでは、アカデミックな環境の中で、教師やお友達との豊かな社会的コミュニティを感じながらレッスンを受けていきます。プリスクールの 授業内容はPractical Life(実生活教育)Sensorial(感覚教育) Language(言語教育) Mathematics(数学教育)の4つの領域から構成されます。さらにクリエイティブアート、音楽、科学、地理と文化研究にも重点が置かれています。  


Montessori After school モンテッソーリ アフタースクール                            

 15:30-17:30 (毎週水曜・木曜)



English After school 英会話クラス     15:30-20:30(月曜-金曜)      10:00-12:00 (土曜)

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