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  • Brandeis University, USA

   ----B.A. in International and Global Studies

  • Shobi College of Music, USA

   ----Diploma in Musical Theater

  • Montessori Institute of Tokyo

   ----AMI Montessori Certification



Ms. Lily had been an English teacher in Tokyo and in Mexico over the past 7 years. She graduated from the Montessori Institute of Tokyo with an AMI teaching diploma and is now excited to be working with young children in a Montessori environment. She is an international citizen having lived in Japan, USA, India, and Mexico.   

She has a Bachelor of Arts in International and Global Studies and also holds a diploma in musical theater. She enjoys singing, dancing and incorporates those into classroom learning activities regularly. She also enjoys hiking in her free time.


Ms. Lily

TIME                          ACTIVITY


10:00-                       Arrival Time

                                    Unpack water bottle, put lunch away and backpack. 

                                    Wash hands

10:00-11:30            Montessori Working Time

                                    Kids choose work from Cognitive Area, Practical Life Area, Sensorial Area, Language Area and Reading Area.


11:30-12:00            Circle Time

                                    Study phonics with kids, singing, dancing and story time


12:00-12:45            Lunch Time


12:45-13:00            Change diaper/Potty training


13:00-14:15            Nap Time


14:15-14:25            Packing of things


14:25-14:30            Story time, Pick up time


Toddler Class トドラークラス  所在地




  • 地下鉄東山線 「覚王山」駅より徒歩10分


  • 名古屋市バス 「田代本通」バス停すぐ

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