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  • University of Martos Flóra GImnázium

   --Master degree 

         Martos Flora Glmnazium大学院 教育学部修士号  


  • University of ELTE, Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology

   --Montessori Pedagogy

       ELTE大学  教育心理学部 モンテッソーリ教育学 



  • American Montessori Society (AMS 3-6) Certificate 

       アメリカンモンテッソーリ協会(AMS3-6)修了----モンテッソーリ教員資格 取得

  • Berzsenyi Dániel Teacher Training College - Qualified Elementary Teacher



Balazs Ladanyi is an American Montessori Society (AMS) certified educator with more than ten years of experience in Montessori Schools in both Europe and China. He has received his Master’s Degree in English Language Education and Culture, and he also holds an elementary teaching certificate to teach in public school.  Balazs is also a musician and music plays a fundamental role in his classrooms. He plays several musical instruments such as gitar and piano and he is very fond of animals.  






Daily Schedule

TIME                          ACTIVITY


10:00-                       Arrival Time

                                    Wash hands, put lunch away, unpack water bottle and put backpack away


10:00-11:30            Montessori Working Time

                                    Kids choose work from Practical Life Area, Sensorial Area,   Geography Area, Numbers Area, and Reading Area.

                                    Students four years old and up are encouraged to practice reading, writing, and number work every day.


11:30-12:00            Circle Time

                                    Study phonics with young kids, group lesson time to study, singing, dancing and story time


12:00-12:45            Lunch Time


12:45-13:00            Clean up and getting ready for recess


13:00-13:30            Park Time


13:30-13:45            Wash Hands and Drink Water


13:45-14:20            Circle Time

                         Study science, social studies, and geography, singing etc.


14:20-14:30            Show & Tell, Goodbye Time

14:30-16:00            Afterschool for extension students

​16:00                         Pick up time for extension students


Preschool プリスクール  所在地



  • 地下鉄東山線 「覚王山」駅より徒歩8分

  • 名古屋市バス 「田代本通」バス停すぐ

  • ​内科 メディカルーサテライトさんのお隣です

Blazs Ladanyi
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